Does placing judgment on people really have a place within the church?

Those People Are Just Too Judgmental

It is an age old complaint. Too many times I have talked to dear friends and one of their many reasons for leaving a church or for just not attending is that the people there are just too judgmental. If we are completely honest we would have to admit that all of our relationships have a bit of of a judgmental undertone to them . Yet, we all know that in all of our relationships that judgement has no place in them at all.   So, what is it about judgment within the Church that makes … [Read More...]

Is the fact that you didn't know something was a sin enough to keep you from having to repent?

I Didn’t Know Therefore It Doesn’t Matter

Isn't it amazing to watch our children grow into their personalities and to see them discover their own ways through life?  I beam with pride as I watch them make decisions for themselves and smile when they actually attempt to do what is pleasing to both me and my husband. Sometimes however we have to practice the sad art of correcting them when they make the wrong choice. A lot of times this is when I hear " I didn't know". Sadly I didn't know is not an answer when it comes to wrong choices. … [Read More...]

Rainy days can really put a damper on productivity. Maybe this will help.

Beating the Rainy Day Blahs

Rainy days here cause me to almost slow down to a complete stop. I don't think I will ever understand that. My kids however can seem to continue through without any problem. This means no matter how I long to simply sit back, rest and possibly watch a little Netflix in my house this is simply not going to happen. Recently I shared the different ways that I have found to keep my kids kind of wrangled in during rainy days but really these tips do not help me continue to stay motivated … [Read More...]

What causes us not to volunteer and how can we fix this?

Lack Of Motivation In The Church

We have all been in churches where they have big ideas. In fact they have so many ideas and plans that often times they don't even know where to begin. Sadly, these ideas are usually dreamed up of one or two people who are active members in the church and are already over extended in so many projects that ultimately they are unable to give 110 percent to yet another project. The body as a whole wants these various projects and see the benefits. Yet, when it comes time to actually roll up their … [Read More...]

Sometimes we have to seek out a new church for our family to attend. Here are a few things we have learned while struggling to find our own home church.

When You Must Search For A New Church

When our home church went through it's big split we were heart broken. No, I think crushed was more like it. We couldn't imagine ourselves attending any other church and yet we knew that this particular church was no longer an option. There was many a tear shed on that day and for weeks to come. We struggled to find a Church that felt like home. We compared each and every church to our old one. Though most churches were nice and we could have made do in just about any of them we wanted to be … [Read More...]

Modesty as some point has been deemed only an issue for girls but shouldn't we want our boys to be modest as well?

Modesty Is Not Just A Girl Thing

It is no secret in my family that I am a little unwavering on some things. Modesty in the way I dress and the way my children dress are one of these said things.I believe modesty is a matter of not only your heart but I also am one of those sticklers that believe that modesty also needs to be shown in the way that you dress, how you talk and the ways you present yourself through your actions. Recently,  I shared how I am laying this ground work for my daughter  over at Worshipful Living. … [Read More...]

Sometimes the Church hurts us. How can we handle this biblically?

Hurt Within The Church

There is a special connection that can be formed when you go to a small country Church. It is this special connection that always causes me to attend those Churches long before I attend large ones. The members become family. It's this second family that I love the most. In most cases this second family actually knows more about what is going on in my personal life then my birth family. Sadly, this is sometimes leaves us open to be hurt and wounded by the Church. We had such a situation in … [Read More...]

Serving Others Like They Are Jesus

Serving Others Like They Are Jesus

It was a warm summer day and there I sat with my husband all alone in an emergency room. He had yet another episode that ultimately landed him in the husband feeling like he was having a heart attack. All that kept running through my head was "God please don't take him from me. Logan and I need him." You see I am not ashamed to admit that second to God my world revolves around my husband. He has always been the one person in my life that I could and can always count on no matter what. I was … [Read More...]

Is the Church body broken and if so is there a way to fix it?

Is The Body Broken?

When my husband and I were searching for a new Church home that would soon become our family's permanent home we were in for such a huge disappointment. It seemed that almost everywhere we went had some sort of flaw that we just could not look past. They weren't polite....They had no active children programs....They were too old fashioned.....They were too commentary...Yep they all seemed to have problems. None of which my husband and I for some reason could not get over. As my husband and I … [Read More...]

In the Church we seem to forget not only the church's role is but also what everyone else's role in the Church as well.

Roles Of And In The Church

Church meetings oh how I strongly dislike them and at the same time oh how I see their importance. There is something about a Church meeting that truly makes my skin crawl. Then again maybe it is just me. But, it seems to be that during those Church meeting we really begin to see the true colors of people. Those who will work and want to serve. Those who are worried more about superficial things instead of furthering the spreading of God's word into the community. And then there are the … [Read More...]