Exhaustion can lead to great disappointment and frustration when it comes to the bedroom but I have found somethings that help.

When Exhaustion Leads to Frustration in the Bedroom

Fact: Motherhood is exhausting. At the end of the night all I can think about is curling up in my bed and drifting off into sleep. Sadly, as for a lot of women, this is the only time that we can actually spend time with our husbands. This also means that a lot of times all that we have left in us is a few sentences and possibly a short episode of something on the television (note:this can lead to drooling). Many times I wish there were a few more of me so that I could actually accomplish … [Read More...]

It's amazing what kinds of objects that God will use to teach a life lesson.....Even a pencil sharpener.

How a Pencil Sharpener Reminded Me About Homeschooling Grace

Tears where streaming down my face and I was yelling like a lunatic "Where is the pencil sharpener?!?!" After a morning long fight of trying to find everyone's school stuff and rushing against the clock my nerves where on whits end. Finally I looked at my confused children and informed them I was done. Walking out of our kitchen my mind was racing. Why couldn't they put things back where they found them? Why am I the only one who seems to care that the laundry is backed up? How did I have … [Read More...]

Opening our homes up to our community can be a little nerve racking. However- I am learning I needed it bit more then they did.

Opening Our Doors to the Community

Every evening I take my littles outside and watch them play around in the yard. The whole time we are outside I see people coming and going. Yet, after almost 5 years of living at my current address I can only tell your 5 of my neighbors names. To be perfectly honest I only know those 5 names because my son as some point has played with their children. It hit me like a ton of bricks on how closed off I had become to those around me. I have been so busy trying to make a small mark on the world … [Read More...]

In order to be usable to God we must be willing to examine our heart.

Matters of the Heart Drive Wedges with God

I longed to become closer to God. I wanted it more then anything in the world. I was reading my Bible daily sometimes 4 and 5 times a day. I buried myself with acts of service thinking that at some point this wedge between God and I would be out of the way. Until then I was determined I was going to work it out of the way. Finally one night I had a break through. It wasn't that God didn't want to use me it was that I hadn't given Him my whole heart. I had been holding onto my past … [Read More...]

I am no better then the Priest who stoned Stephen and here's why.

I’m Just Like the Priest

While reading Acts Chapter 7 I was hit with a harsh reality I am just like the priest who attacked the apostles and the disciples. Honestly to an extent we all are really. In Acts 7 Stephen spoke boldly to the Priests and the council members. And as he spoke to them he spoke some pretty harsh truths that honestly I think we all need to hear from time to time. Through my life God has tried to reveal himself to me in various ways. Sadly most of the times I have turned a blind eye. Focused … [Read More...]

Becoming overwhelmed happens to us all.....Including the apostles.

Becoming Overwhelmed Happens to Us All

I suffer from a disorder that most women suffer from. It is called the "can't say no" disorder. To the dear woman who is reading this you very well may be suffering from this disorder . With this disorder I seem to always find myself working long days and extra long nights trying to accomplish everything that has been asked of me. I have a unsettling desire to please. I long to make sure that everyone around me is taken care of. More importantly I am always scared that I am not doing enough to … [Read More...]

Sometimes I think that we forget how powerful the Holy Spirit is. Here is what I discovered this week while studying Acts 1-5.

Allowing the Holy Spirit Run Though Me {Acts 1-5}

I think as Christians sometimes we forget what our main purpose and goal is. We beat ourselves up over this a lot, as we should sometimes, yet we are reminded right at the beginning that the Apostles.....The very ones who had seen Jesus in action and had a clear cut, even they found themselves looking to the sky .....In the beginning...... That was until they were reminded that they had work to do. The same work that we as followers have today. And when he had said these things, as they were … [Read More...]

Next Stop:  Acts

Next Stop………Acts

If you have been with me for a while then you know that each Friday (or at least the ones my schedule allows) I am blogging through the Bible with Courtney from Women Living Well. She has a fantastic program in place called Good Morning Girls where she is helping women all over the world study their Bibles daily one chapter at a time. We are reading the Bible cover to cover. Our next stop is.........Acts!!!! We will begin to see the Christian movement in action. In Acts we will be … [Read More...]


***Free*** Handwriting Pages for Writing Numbers

So last week as my kindergartner and I were zoom through his math at lightning speed we hit a huge snag. He can't write his numbers. No matter how much we tried something just wasn't clicking. So naturally just like any other mom would do I went on the hunt for math handwriting exercises. Then I stumbled across this gem.                   >>>>>>>>Click Here to Download<<<<<<<< … [Read More...]

Some nights parenthood is simply too hard.

Some Nights are Simply Hard

The day on the parental front had been a hard one. Our school session had felt like pulling teeth without numbing being applied, the kids had been extremely wild and had just about lost all pieces of sanity. Yep, parenthood can be hard. After I got the kids tucked into their beds, I returned to my laundry covered couch and simply cried. It would be easy for me to say parenthood is all unicorns and rainbows but asked any seasoned mom and you will soon be slapped with the harsh reality that … [Read More...]