Time can heal all things even when we don't think it is possible.

Time Can Heal All Things & Hearts 4 Home Link Up

You know there are times when we think that a situation is hopeless. Moments when we feel as those reconciliation among fellow peers will never be met. In fact a lot of times when those relationships we think that nothing will ever get better. We give up home. We seem to forget that age old saying " Time can heal all things".   I was reminded of this phrase as I continued reading through the Bible with Courtney from Women Living Well. Jacob stole basically everything from his … [Read More...]

Are you looking for some cheap date night ideas? Well today I am sharing a few of my favorites.

Cheap Date Night Ideas

We all know that making time for our husband is important. Yet there are lots of reasons why this sometimes gets put on the back burner. Money, time and clashing of schedules seems to be some of the main things. At our house this becomes a problem a lot. Typically because after running around all day I am tired and worn down. Yet, I can tell when we haven't had a date night in a while because well I start getting a tad crabby.   On our budget it doesn't leave a lot of "going out" … [Read More...]

Cooking in the kitchen with my kids is one of my favorite things. Today I am sharing more about that and I am sharing my pumpkin pie recipe that is one of my husband's favorites.

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This is the last week of the "Making Our Homes A Haven" challenge. I must admit it is kinda sad. This week however we are suppose to start working in the kitchen. More specific we are suppose to whip up some of those wonderful recipes that feel our homes with that sweet aroma . I can not tell you how much I actually love cooking in the kitchen. For me this is a wonderful challenge. In fact it may be one of my favorites since I am going to go a step further and have the kids help me with … [Read More...]

Sometimes it is hard to press onward with our Christian walk when we see others getting anything and everything they want

Pressing Onward Even When We Don’t Want To

Everyday is a new day. A different day. A different part if our journey. Everyday has its new challenges. Everyday carries its share of set backs and even some of its own encouraging steps forward. But, it is hard to keep pressing onward on our path even when we don't want to.   The fact is it is easy to become discouraged on our walk with Christ. Let's face it sometimes it gets down right hard! Let's think about it we are doing everything that we can to be pleasing for God. Yet, … [Read More...]

Which Do We Value More

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So many times I see my focus falter from where I need it to be. If I am not careful I start thinking only of my selfish need and not the whole picture in front of me. Of course this often happens if I am not digging into God's word the way that I need to. Something about this week's reading really struck a chord with me.   You see in Genesis 25 that Esau willingly gives up his birthright for food. As Isaac's first born he was entitled to all that Isaac had and yet he chose a bowl … [Read More...]

Teaching our children about missionaries is very important. Today I am talking about just that.

Teaching Our Children About Missionaries

Missionaries hold a special place in my heart. Missionaries to me are not just the people who travel abroad and reach people to Christ. No, I think a missionary can be anyone who is reaching out to people for Christ. So your neighbor can be a missionary, a blogger can be a missionary and more importantly you can be a missionary. Teaching my children to have a love for missionaries is a long going process. Yet, it is something I am extremely passionate about. I think I was over the moon excited … [Read More...]

Time to start planning your Thanksgiving Dinner and I have the perfect tool to help you get started

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Planner Freebie

There are so many things to remember as we are moving into the holiday season. My biggest one at the moment is getting ready for Thanksgiving.  That inspired me to make something just for you, my wonderful subscribers.     Inside you will find:  Recipe Cards Menu Planner Grocery List Guest List Seating Chart  Cleaning List  Decoration List     I am sure that this will help you to enter this Thanksgiving with comfort and … [Read More...]

In marriage it is hard to effectively listen to what our husbands are saying. Here are some tips to help get you on the fast track to effectively listening to each other.

Learning To Listen

Learning to listen to our husbands is hard. I mean if we were to be completely honest it may be one of the hardest parts about being married. Yet, learning to listen to our husbands is one of the most important things that we can truly do in our marriage.   Something I have observed from my children is that most of the conflicts they have spear from when one child doesn't feel as though the other one is listening. Looking back on many conflicts that have poked their ugly heads in my … [Read More...]

Here are some ideas to have an awesome game night with your family.

Family Game Night and The Salt & Light Link Up

As you all know if you have been following me on Mondays that I have been doing the Making Your Home A Haven series that Courtney from Women Living Well does every year at this time. So far we have talked about lighting a candle and we have talked about music. Today however we are talking about one of my favorites......Family Game Night. Now this is something we already do as a family very often. If you were here when I did the kitchen table series then you know that I am pretty adamant about … [Read More...]

It is so easy to lose our zeal. Yet when we lose it we wonder how in the world it happened. Today I am talking about how to keep our zeal and how to regain it after it is lost.

How To Lose Your Zeal

Every morning (well most mornings) I wake up feeling like I can take over the world. I have my day mapped out. Activities planned on what I want to do with the children. I even have posts to type for you all whisking through my brain. As the day goes on...I grow tired... I grow weary....I lose my zeal......   Losing your zeal is actually pretty easy to accomplish. As a matter of fact in our Christian walk it happens more times than not. Think about it. When you first got saved you … [Read More...]