Taking Time To Meditate

Taking Time To Meditate

I wish I could count the amount of times I am asked how I get so much accomplished and how I handle everything that goes on around me on a daily basis. It is a joke between my husband and I that I am never truly happy unless I am busting at the seams with work and he has to come along to clean up all the things that seep out. Yes, I am a busy person and some may even say I am guilty of being a "Martha" to an extent. However I love every single thing that I do. I love caring for my family, I love … [Read More...]

Be sure to stop by and get your Verses Of Encouragement For The Busy Mom

Verses Of Encouragement For The Busy Mom Freebie

As moms we are busy. Sometimes we need to take time to soak in a bit of encouragement for ourselves. Well I have put together a little book just for you. Inside you will find a few verses of encouragement and lines to fill in your own verses or your own little notes.       Of course as all ways it is free to my wonderful subscribers <3  Thank you all for being so amazing.  If you are not a subscriber well that is easy to fix as well! Simply fill out the entry … [Read More...]

When all the rest of the world fails us God promises that He does not fail the faithful. Today I am talking about just that.

God Doesn’t Abandon The Faithful

Almost every other month I receive a phone call. It is one of great discouragement of those in my life who do not approve of my life choices. They do not understand why I chose to homeschool our oldest, they can't understand why I allow my college education to go to waste, they don't approve of me sharing my life on the internet and they most certainly do not approve of anything else that I do for that matter. I have grown to know when the call is coming. It's typically right about the same time … [Read More...]

Are you starting to lose focus on why you are truly celebrating Christmas?

Losing Focus

Long about this time of year I start to get wrapped up in the Christmas hustle. I work on getting the tree perfect, planning out meals, map out family gatherings and start making my lists. Though these things are totally fine they become a problem if they cause us to lose focus on the total and complete reason that we are celebrating Christmas.     If you feel as though you are losing focus then I urge you to join me over at Worshipful Living to explore this topic a bit … [Read More...]

Is backbiting in marriage acceptable? Join me today as I talk about backbiting and how it effects our marriage.

Backbiting In Marriage?

It all relationships we know that we are not suppose to do any backbiting. In fact backbiting is mentioned a lot in the Bible. Over and over again the Bible tells us to refrain for it and even shows examples of how backbiting causes big problems. Sadly, a lot of times we over look the truths about backbiting and just do it anyway because I mean really what can it hurt right? The meaning of backbiting is malicious talk about someone who is not present. This can be talking about your … [Read More...]

A Pinterest Perfect Christmas (2)

A Pinterest Perfect Christmas (The Inner Struggle Between Mary and Martha)

Today I have Bethany coming to join us. Bethany blogs full time over at Gracefull Country Diva. I am sure you are going to love her post as much as I did :) It’s Christmas time and I LIVE for this time of the year. Let me start with a little confession; I start listening to Christmas music in October. Yup, I said it…October. There is just something about hearing the wonderful tunes that spill from the speakers that just puts me into the holiday spirit and jump starts the end of the year for … [Read More...]

Sometimes having hope is hart. But what does the Bible say about hope?

Holding on to Hope

There are many days I wake up and by then end of the day I begin losing all hope. Hope that my kids are ever going to truly begin to grasp the things I am trying to teach them on good character, hope that I will begin to make a difference in the world that we live in and even hope that I will be able to continue at the speed I am going in. It is in those moments that I start to feel hopeless that I realize some things about myself.....I am allowing Satan to win.....I am not holding on to my … [Read More...]

Being a Christian woman can be hard. Yet, we have something the rest of the world doesn't have ....A protector. Today I am talking about this protector.

God Our Protector

This week while reading through the Bible we are still in the book of Psalms.(Here is last weeks post) Did I mention I love the book of Psalms? Over the course of the week I was reminded that God is our protector. Sure we all say it often but it is so easy to forget. After all we are surrounded by so much hate in the world. It is because of all this hate that seems to have absorb the  world that I have been unable to watch the news for several years now actually. Yet, Psalms 12: 5 reminds us of … [Read More...]

Today I am sharing my thoughts on the latest book I have read "Mission Agape" by F. Dean Hackett

Mission Agape Review

As a woman raising a family in such a horrid and sinful world I always find it a huge need to always seek answers. Answers to things that often times we would rather not think about. In fact, I find it very important since these things attack our homes and we need to be prepared with knowledge to handle it. So when my dear friend Rosilind mentioned the launching of her father's book Mission Agape I knew that it was totally something I wanted to be a part of. (I did receive a copy of the book in … [Read More...]

We as women can get very busy. We wake up feeling like we must run a marathon and often times we go to bed feeling like we have ran that marathon but lost because we still didn't get everything we needed to get done completed. Often times we try to trim time in places. We try to make sure cleaning and all our extra curricular activities are done and we forget our most important things that should be on our list....Making time for our marriage.

Making Time For Our Marriage

We as women can get very busy. We wake up feeling like we must run a marathon and often times we go to bed feeling like we have ran that marathon, but lost because we still didn't get everything we needed to get done completed.  We try to trim time in areas of our lives. We even make lists. On our lists we list  cleaning and all our extra curricular activities are done.Yet, we forget our most important things that should be on our list....Making time for our marriage. I read once … [Read More...]