Where do my children get their listening skills? While reading Exodus 16-20 this week I am pretty sure that I know exactly where they got it from....Me

Do My Children Get Their Listening Skills From Me?

Rules have never really gone well in my home. I tell the kids something and I am pretty sure their ears turn it around to mean the opposite. We have tried posting the rules, writing the rules, having the kids come up with the rules and well just about everything else. Nothing as of yet as worked. So my husband and I are constantly redirecting their behavior. Often times we end our evening conversations with, "if they would only do as they are told life would be perfect". Funny how our … [Read More...]

How do you use technology in your homeschooling day? Here are a few ways that I have learned to use technology to my homeschooling advantage.

Technology and Homeschooling

Since beginning our homeschooling journey I have learned that there really is no limit to the resources that are available. I mean with a little bit of creativity you can honestly have a rock solid curriculum if you put your mind to it. Using the technology that we all access on a daily basis has the doors wide open.   Recently, I figured out that my oldest son learns best if he is not required to sit still. This is a common problem when you have a child with ADHD which is ultimately … [Read More...]

There is such a thing as being comfortable in your marriage and being too comfortable in your marriage. Today I am talking about just that and how to fix it.

Growing Too Comfortable In Your Marriage

Once you have been married for a few years it is so easy to fall in to the comfortable stage. You know what I am talking about. You stop doing the little things that used to make your husband oh so happy. I am not sure when I realized when that was happening here. Or when even this comfortable kick happened.   The "comfortable" part of our marriage seemed to happen about the time kids entered into our lives. No longer did either of us feel the need to dress nicely for the other. … [Read More...]

Why in the world should we praise God in difficult moments?

Praising Even In The Difficult Moments

Over the years I have seen many up and down moments.This week as we read Exodus 11-15 something that stuck out to me was how the  Israelites  had difficulty praising God in the difficult moments even after they had seen the vast miracles that God had preformed on their behalf. As I pondered this revelation this week something came to mind..... I do the same exact thing!! Through the  difficult moments in my life I have a problem of thinking of all the worst case scenarios, instead I … [Read More...]

W=One of the greatest things about homeschooling is creating memories while learning.

Creating Memories While Learning

One thing that I love about homeschooling my family is the ability to not only teach my children and watch that spark flash in their eyes when something finally clicks although this is a pretty great feeling. Nope my all time favorite is that we are creating memories while learning. When one is deciding to homeschool instantly there is a flash of fear that goes through our minds. What if I mess up? How in the world am I going to be able to teach them everything that they need to know … [Read More...]

As moms we do so much and give up so much. Yet, one thing we shouldn't give up is the small moments. Sadly those seem to be the first things we cut off out lists.

Enjoying The Small Moments

Over the Christmas break that the kids and I took we had a lot of small moments. You see we chose not to go anywhere for our Christmas break instead we stayed home and simply enjoyed each other. It seems to be something I don't get to do as often as I would like to. After all a mom's work is never done and I seem t always say "let me finish my work and then we can play". It was in these small moments of the break that I realized a few things. These small moments are not going to be here … [Read More...]

We have been in the deal making business when it comes to getting what we need from God. Today I am reflecting on just that as I share my thoughts on Exodus 6-10

Deal Making

During a period in my life that I did not want to allow God into my life I remember deal making with God. Pleading that if certain situations would just go the way that I needed them to then I would change my ways. I would never allow myself to be put into bad situations again. God being a loving and faithful God of course would offer assistance and though I refused to see the full blown miracles then I can certainly see them looking back now. Instead of giving Him credit for fixing my many … [Read More...]

Today I am issuing a challenge for 2015

Dare To Be Different

It is no secret that I find cultivating young children's hearts into hearts that love the Lord a very hard and oh so rewarding job. In fact I think that it is one of the most important jobs we have as parents. I have heard it said over and over again that we and we allow are responsible for our children's spiritual growth. Sadly, I have seen way to many times kids not getting what they need spiritually from their homes. Therefore I am issuing a challenge... However I am sharing this challenge on … [Read More...]

Winter Fun Pack

Winter Fun Pack Freebie

I have decided that my new adventure into discussing homeschooling needed a little something special. So I thought I would put together a little fun pack that anyone can use. Inside there are coloring pages, lined pages and more. This pack has been made for both boys and girls. I must say that it is coming out in perfect time. Because if your kids are like mine then this cold weather is reaking havoc with outside time which is leading to some restless … [Read More...]

Sometimes We Just Lose Hope

Sometimes We Lose Hope

It is easy to lose hope in God. Sometimes it is in the moments that we later look back in life and realize that God was with us the whole time. Yet, when we are going through struggles in our lives we just don't see it that way. At least not until we look back that is. Moses reminded me of that this week. Moses went through more in his first few months then a lot of us do our whole lives. Just when the man finds some normalcy God calls him out of his comfort again. Reluctantly Moses agrees to do … [Read More...]