Sometimes Quiet Moments Just Won't Come

Sometimes Quiet Moments Just Don’t Happen

In our crazy home full of functions to attend, posts to be written, family matters to attend to and well a home to manage (the list could go on but then that would be just tiresome to write out). It is hard to find a quiet moment. A moment where I can breathe. I am sure I am like most moms and go from sun up to sun down but frankly and honestly it is exhausting. Let's be real for a second, being the woman God wants us to be is tiresome. There ya have it, I said out loud what you have all … [Read More...]

Balancing Our Home

Balancing Our Home Is There Such A Thing?

There are a few things about me that you may not know.....I am a workaholic, I am an over the time idealist who will jump into a project feet first without working out the details and I am feel most useful when I am doing things for others. Now being wired this way kinda makes me a target to not only stay busy in my home but also I stay busy in about a million other projects at all time. I declare that I am going to take it easy, that I am going to take a break at some point and sadly those … [Read More...]

Gossip Within The Church

Gossip Within The Church

I think we have all been at a Church function and we have overheard the gossip mill begin. Most of the time it starts out innocent enough, before you know it the conversation has gone way to far. Feelings get hurt and the Church body is the one that suffers. When the gossip bug hits our Church it does more than damage the person who is being talked about. It actually causes discord within the walls of the Church and outside of the Church as well. Gossip is a toxic practice both inside and … [Read More...]

Girlfriends Are Important To Our Husbands

Girlfriends are Important To Our Husbands

Marriage is a funny thing. I mean when we get married we agree to care for this man and cherish him always. If you are like me then  you thought that meant simply making sure he was fed, his home was clean and that he knew how much you cared about him. Of course you also took time to pray for him, listen to all his concerns and along the way you became his biggest cheerleader. We assume that because we do all these things that our husbands will automatically know how much we love them. Sadly, … [Read More...]

Marriages simply can't look like the Cleaver's marriage and here is why.

Real Marriages Don’t Look Like The Cleaver’s

Recently I have been watching a lot of "Leave It To Beaver" episodes. Blame it on my need to fully over expose myself to black and white shows or the fact that frankly I was trying to avoid housework. The fact still remains the Cleaver's marriage has me a bit on edge. I love how both the mother and the father always seem to be mostly on the same page. I love how they seem to have each other's best interest at heart. Not to mention the fact that I love how honestly, the wife always seems to enjoy … [Read More...]

Does placing judgment on people really have a place within the church?

Those People Are Just Too Judgmental

It is an age old complaint. Too many times I have talked to dear friends and one of their many reasons for leaving a church or for just not attending is that the people there are just too judgmental. If we are completely honest we would have to admit that all of our relationships have a bit of of a judgmental undertone to them . Yet, we all know that in all of our relationships that judgement has no place in them at all.   So, what is it about judgment within the Church that makes … [Read More...]

Is the fact that you didn't know something was a sin enough to keep you from having to repent?

I Didn’t Know Therefore It Doesn’t Matter

Isn't it amazing to watch our children grow into their personalities and to see them discover their own ways through life?  I beam with pride as I watch them make decisions for themselves and smile when they actually attempt to do what is pleasing to both me and my husband. Sometimes however we have to practice the sad art of correcting them when they make the wrong choice. A lot of times this is when I hear " I didn't know". Sadly I didn't know is not an answer when it comes to wrong choices. … [Read More...]

Rainy days can really put a damper on productivity. Maybe this will help.

Beating the Rainy Day Blahs

Rainy days here cause me to almost slow down to a complete stop. I don't think I will ever understand that. My kids however can seem to continue through without any problem. This means no matter how I long to simply sit back, rest and possibly watch a little Netflix in my house this is simply not going to happen. Recently I shared the different ways that I have found to keep my kids kind of wrangled in during rainy days but really these tips do not help me continue to stay motivated … [Read More...]

What causes us not to volunteer and how can we fix this?

Lack Of Motivation In The Church

We have all been in churches where they have big ideas. In fact they have so many ideas and plans that often times they don't even know where to begin. Sadly, these ideas are usually dreamed up of one or two people who are active members in the church and are already over extended in so many projects that ultimately they are unable to give 110 percent to yet another project. The body as a whole wants these various projects and see the benefits. Yet, when it comes time to actually roll up their … [Read More...]

Sometimes we have to seek out a new church for our family to attend. Here are a few things we have learned while struggling to find our own home church.

When You Must Search For A New Church

When our home church went through it's big split we were heart broken. No, I think crushed was more like it. We couldn't imagine ourselves attending any other church and yet we knew that this particular church was no longer an option. There was many a tear shed on that day and for weeks to come. We struggled to find a Church that felt like home. We compared each and every church to our old one. Though most churches were nice and we could have made do in just about any of them we wanted to be … [Read More...]