***Free***Printable Chore Charts

In our home we work as a team. My husband works while the kids and I tend to our home. One way we keep things moving forward is by giving the kids chores. Sure it isn't their favorite thing in the whole world but in a large family one person can not keep up the house and teach school. I am loving these chore charts from I Should be Mopping the Floor.    >>>>>>Click Here To Download<<<<<< … [Read More...]


***Free*** Bible Verses for Handwriting/Copywork

During our homeschooling day I encourage my children to learn Bible verses and we are always trying to improve our handwriting skills. I am so glad that I found this little gem at Heart of Wisdom.                                        >>>>>>Click Here To Download<<<<<< … [Read More...]


***Free*** New Testament Character Study Notebooking Pages

Are your kids learning about the people who are in the New Testament? What better way to help them retain the information that they are learning then by having them notebook through it. That is what makes this resource from The Notebooking Nook amazing!                                         >>>>>>Click Here To Download<<<<<< … [Read More...]

Sometimes being the light in a dark world hurts.

Being the Light Hurts

It is a well known fact in my house that when I am hurting.....I clean. While I clean I ponderer events and I try to make sense of them. There are moments that while I am cleaning my kids will catch me actually praying and sometimes I am crying. Crying seems to be something that I do often when I pray because I am so moved by the spirit that there is simply nothing left to do. Of this weekend my kids caught their momma doing a lot of praying and crying. Not only because I was sad but … [Read More...]


***Free**Printable Bible Journaling Stickers

Bible journaling has become huge. I love watching all the creations that people come up with. However if you are like me then you are simply not artistic. That is what makes this freebie from Pink Paper Peppermints simply amazing because all I have to do is print them of and then stick them on the page!!                                    >>>>>>Click Here To Download<<<<<< … [Read More...]


**Free** Noah’s Ark Color Pages

My kids love to color. This little packet has coloring pages and space for them to practice on their handwriting skills as well. I think this packet from Mama's Learning Corner is such a great find.                                           >>>>>>Click Here To Download<<<<<< … [Read More...]


***Free*** Prayer Cards For Children

Are you looking for a way to help teach your children how to pray? For us it has been one of the hardest things for us to teach our children. These prayer card from Wild Flower Ramblings may be able to help.                                               >>>>>>Click Here To Download<<<<<< … [Read More...]

We are all looking at someone to blame for the newest ruling pertaining to marriage when all we need to do is look in the mirror.

We’re to Blame

Over the past week social media has been unbearable. I have cried, become angry and felt as though I was going to become physically sick. I have felt as though my voice and God's Word has been dragged through the mud and the more I have tried to combat this feeling of betrayal within myself tears began to form as I thought about how God is going to react. Unless you have been hiding in the middle of nowhere then you will more then likely know what has caused me such distress. You even … [Read More...]

Homeschooling during the Summer season can be hard. Here are a few tricks to help.

Summer School Tricks

As a family we decided to do more of a year round types school setting here. There were a few reasons for this. One our children seem to do better when they are on a schedule/ routine and two things are so easily forgotten when you have a long break from school. Let's face it who wants to spend all kinds of time re-teaching what has already been taught?   However- when you live in a neighborhood with a bunch of kids you simply can not hide the fact that the rest of the children around … [Read More...]

It's heart breaking to learn that your husband is saying unflattering words about you. But what you do about those words can make all the difference.

Unflattering Words

There comes a time in every marriage that we discover that our husbands may have painted us in an unflattering light to others outside our marriage. We are of course allowed to be a little hurt by this. In fact it hurts a lot. But, if we were to be honest with ourselves we would have to admit that at one point or another we have done the same thing a time or two. Even realizing this about ourselves doesn't make us hurt any less. In fact if we are not careful we can actually allow those … [Read More...]