Accepting yourself for who you are is very hard but it is very important if you intent to be useful to God.

Accepting Yourself

When I was younger I had the hardest time accepting myself for who I was. I was afraid of what others would think of me. After all I was totally different from everyone else. I didn't like the things that were cool and I had totally different tastes when it came to every thing else as well. So I did like any young girl would do..... I pretended. I gave everyone around me a false impression of who I was because we all know what happens to those who dare to be different. They end up … [Read More...]

It is easy to give thanks on Thanksgiving but what about the rest of the year.

Giving Thanks All Year

How fitting that it is that we are in the book of Psalms this Thanksgiving and Christmas season? Even more so the passages that we are ending this week on. Psalms is always such a source of encouragement for me. When I am having a bad day, I turn to Psalms. When I need a pick me up because I am discouraged once again I turn to Psalms. This week something however hit home with me on the passages. Today all across the country we gather around to celebrate Thanksgiving. And what is not to … [Read More...]

New to homeschooling and what is helping me the most.

New To Homeschooling

Being new to the homeschooling scene can be frankly very scary. When we as a family took the jump I was relieved, scared and overwhelmed all at the same time. Lucky for me I had a few people to help point me in the right direction, keep me focused and above all keep me calm. Today I am talking about this new adventure I am on over at The Multi Taskin Mom. There I am sharing what I have learned and what has helped me so far. So if you are thinking of starting to homeschool then this is … [Read More...]

Sometimes when our marriage is going crazy we need to stop and focus on the beginning. Today I am talking about how that can be helpful.

Focus On The Beginning

When my husband and I started dating he used to write me beautiful letters. Letters that to this day I still have tucked away. Something else for my little ones to find long after I am gone. These letters where he opened up his heart to me is truly where I began to fall head over hills for him. They did and still do mean the world to me because anyone who knows my husband, knows that he is in fact a man of few words. There are times when we are going though rough patches that I pull out these … [Read More...]

My thoughts on friendships and how to know when they are good or bad for you.


Friendships are important relationships to have. They help us to stay grounded in who we are. Yet sometimes those friendships can do more harm than good. Sometimes there are just some friendships that must be let go in order for us to grow because they hold us back. It is important , as much as we don't want to, that we evaluate our friendships and determine what kinds of friends we actually have in our corner. Do we have cheerleaders willing to jump in when we need that extra pep? Do we have … [Read More...]

Finding Inner Courage2

Finding The Inner Courage You Didn’t Know You Had

I am a scary cat. I am terrified to talk in pubic. I am petrified to open up about myself to other. I am even more so scared of making people upset with me. Blame it on my need to be a people pleaser. Yet, if it is one thing that I have learned this year it is that you can not be a people pleaser and a follower of Christ. You can not be afraid to share of yourself to others and expect to create an impact on them. When I look back over this year oh man how God has pulled me out of a lot of my … [Read More...]

Providing pure forgiveness is hard. Yet this week Joesph showed us how in our GMG study.

Providing Pure Forgiveness

We often talk about how we are so thankful for the forgiveness that God provides us over our past transgressions but do we ourselves provide this forgiveness when it comes to forgiving others?   This week during my Good Morning Girls devotions this is exactly the question I am left with. You see Joesph has been a topic of ours for a few weeks now and once again we seen even more of Joesph. This time we find that Joesph's father dies and the brothers are fearful that now they will … [Read More...]

We all struggle to find slow moments. Here are a few tips to help with that.

Struggling To Find Slow Moments

Recently we have a lot of changes made in our home. We started homeschooling our oldest, prepping to host our annual Thanksgiving gathering is taking place, my husband is still working crazy hours and we won't even talk about my own overly filled plates. All of this is causing me to find slow moments. Moments that my body and mind desperately need. And though I know that I need this I can not get my mind to agree with me. You see I struggle to actually relax. Yes, I am one of those busy bodies … [Read More...]

Heated moments in our marriage happen. Actually they happen a lot more than we would like. Here are some ways to combat against the heated moments.

Heated Moments

It is easy to be taken by surprise in the heat of the moment. Sometimes it comes without warning . Sometimes we seem to catch the warning signs that they flare up is about to take place. Most of the time though we are never really prepared. Yes I am talking about heated discussions in your marriage. Those conversations we don't mean to happen but seem to happen anyway when both parties have had enough. We all fall short in those moments (yes, even me). We all start spouting of things that … [Read More...]

My guide to a semi-stress free 2015

To: Bridget From: Bridget and Salt& Light Link Up

The Christmas season is here and if you are like me you are already starting to think of things that you want to change for the upcoming year. After all having a plan in place is half the battle right. My Mother in Law always buys herself a Christmas present that is something she has bought for herself. Something that will bring her happiness in the upcoming year. ┬áSo I thought I would share with you a few things that I will be purchasing for my To:Bridget, From: Bridget presents to bring in … [Read More...]