There comes a time in everyone's Christian walk when you have to walk away from some relationship you thought would last forever.

When You Have to Walk Away

Living a life that extended family members don't understand can be lonely at times. You begin to feel as though family functions are more of a chore then a gathering of loved ones. Not that they intend or seek out to make you feel that way. They just simply do not understand. They don't understand why you choose to only allow your children to do certain things. They don't understand the reasons you handle things in your marriage the way you do. They most certainly do not understand why it is … [Read More...]

How can we promote a servant's heart in our children through our own actions?

Promoting a Servant’s Heart at Home

Confession: At the end of the night after running around all day I am not in the greatest of moods. In fact my husband would be the first one to say that if you want something from me then you better ask me early in the day. It is almost as if I have a kindness meter and it drops well below empty about 6pm. Just when my family needs me the most.  It is certainly not something that I have ever really thought about. However it is something that God has laid on my heart to change. You see … [Read More...]


***Free*** Elementary Language Arts Bundle

Are you looking for a language arts  program for your children. I know it is something that I seem to always be in search of for our older one so this deal was kinda of a huge find for me. One because well it is free and two because it is simply chopped full of great resources. 250 pages worth as a matter of fact. However this deal will not last long so be sure to grab it as fast as you can.              >>>>>>>>Click Here to … [Read More...]

So you want to homeschool but your husband doesn't. Now what?

So You Want to Homeschool but Your Husband Doesn’t

This time of year can be so hard for those who want to homeschool but can't because their spouse isn't one the same page. Back to school shopping has no joy in it and seeing that giant yellow bus brings nothing but tears. It begins to feel like the dream to homeschool will never come true. All the back to school pictures that are in the social media newsfeed only seem to add salt to the wound.     I have heard of many reasons why some who want to homeschool simply can't. … [Read More...]

Free Penmanship Printable Packs (K-5th)

**Free** Penmanship Printable Packs (K-5th)

Penmanship is something that takes lots of time and practice to develop. It is for that reason I am always looking for printable packs that will help me. Here is a printable pack that we will be using a lot.   Now there printable packs come in two parts. So here is how to get yours......   K-2 Penmanship Mega Pack >>>>>>>>Click Here to Download<<<<<<<<     3rd-5th Penmanship Mega … [Read More...]

How important is sex in a marriage? Even more so how can re-light that sexual spark?

Sex Really is Kinda Important

In a marriage there are several moving parts. I mean you have finances that need to maintained, a home to maintain, children to raise and other social obligations to attend to on a regular basis. Sometimes simply grabbing 30 mins to watch a television program with your spouse can be pushing it. In fact in our house my husband and I are on almost two different schedules so I know at least for us the struggle can be very real. However- if we are not careful not only will be begin to not connect … [Read More...]

**Free** September Planning Pack

**Free** Year Round Homeschooling Planning Pack

It is no secret that I love planners. I also like being able to sit down and plan our school activities one month at a time. That makes this planner a must have. Each month there is a brand new planner....And did I mention it is free?                                   >>>>>>Click Here to Download<<<<<<<< … [Read More...]

Making Memories on the First Day Of School

Making Memories on the First Day Of School

Today is our first day of school. Though if you are following me on FB then you have already seen some of that we are up to and I will actually share more about our first day on Friday with you all. One thing that I used to love when I was younger was being able to wear my new clothes, with my new tennis shoes and carrying my new book bag.  I also loved going to my brand new classroom and meeting all the new people. As a homeschooling family all these things however just don't happen. So I … [Read More...]

Are We Eagerly Seeking Our Husbands

Eagerly Seeking Our Husbands

My husband and I are about to approach our 16 year dating anniversary. I remember when we first started dating we had endless phone calls, letters and one-on-one conversations. It was in this time that we learned each others likes and dislikes. We were in the beginning stage. We could not get enough of each other. We eagerly sought each other out every chance we got. Then we got married. Getting to know each other started to get pushed further and further onto the back burner as children started … [Read More...]


***Freebie*** To Do List Template

I am pretty sure I have mentioned at least a million times that I am a list maker. I like my lists. No I take that back I love my lists. They keep me on track all day long, providing I don't lose said list.  That makes today's freebie find simply amazing. Not only does it have a place for me to right my normal list but it also provides a place for my calls for the day to go and emails.                           >>>>>>>> Click Here to … [Read More...]