Parenting 101

Parenting 101

I will never forget attending a Church member's funeral with my children in tow. Perfectly still my family and I sat through the hour long service without so much a peep to even come from one of our children. Our children had spoken all day about this moment. They wanted to be there to pay respects to the man who served them every year at VBS. As their mother I had made sure that they knew before we entered the doors of the Church just what was to be expected of them and I was confident they … [Read More...]

Will I Ever Measure Up to the Proverbs 31 Woman

Will I Ever Measure Up to the Proverbs 31 Woman?

When I started my Christian walk I was already a wife with a child. Yet, I had no clue what it was that I was suppose to do to begin to be a Godly woman. At times I am still at a loss when it comes to certain things (please note the reason the site has the word becoming in the title). Sometimes I am pretty sure I will never measure up to be half the woman that the Proverbs 31 woman is. Yet, I refuse to be discouraged. You see I am not like most women. I am not very handy in the ways of … [Read More...]

Student Planners and Covers @ Tina Dynamic Homeschool Plus

***Free*** DIY 7 Step By Step Student Planner

One of my goals this year is to help my oldest son become more organized and to gain a bit of independence academically. So of course these goals have sent this momma on a search high and low for a student planner. And then I fell in love. The planner I am sharing with you today is able to be changed. There is no absolute set look for your planner. Instead you get your child to help you set it up for their needs. Yes, I think this planner is not only going to help with our goals this year but it … [Read More...]

Drama Among Christian Women

Drama Among Christian Women

Growing up I was sort of a loner. You see I was never a fan of drama and as long as I stayed to myself there was never any drama. Sounds simple enough but eventually that lifestyle becomes a bit lonely. Sure enough it didn't take long and the drama boat was in full effect. Of course I quickly cut ties with the people who had all the drama. Then I began to realize something, no matter who we have in our lives there will always be drama. Drama among women seems to be inevitable. As women we … [Read More...]


***Freebie*** The Ultimate Customizable Personal Planner

I am always looking for a way to make myself a bit more organized. Of course we all know that one great way to become more organized is to have an amazing planner. Well friends this planner may be just up your alley.   This planner includes: 2015 Year at a Glance Calendar Monthly Calendars Weekly To-Do Pages Weekly Activity Sheet Note Pages Journal Pages Inspirational Graphics & Quotes Blank Monthly Calendars 2016 Year at a Glance Calendar And so much … [Read More...]

“I Like Storms” Review

I love a good storm. There is something that is just exciting about thunder rolling around outside that I just can not beat. Maybe it is the fact that growing up we had an old tin roof and there was nothing better sounding to me then the sound of the rain hitting it. It's funny really that I can find such beauty in storms that can knock out our power, send my children running to my arms and can even strike a bit of fear into other adults who are around me. But, I find comfort being safely in my … [Read More...]


***Free*** Back to School Printables

One thing tradition we have here it the "first day of school" pictures. The one thing that we have never done was to get them hold signs because well it has always been just the one child. However, this year we will have a kindergartner in the house and I have been searching high and low to find a cute little sign for my school kids to hold. That makes this freebie find simply amazing to me and I am sure you will love it as well.                         … [Read More...]

It can be a heartbreaking thing when you realize God is changing your focus. At least that is what I am discovering.

When God Changes Your Focus

For as long as I can remember I have been involved children's ministry activities. That is where my heart as always been because I know that children are the foundation for our future Church. Yet, recently I have felt a tug in a different direction. At first I was almost certain it was me allowing myself to get drawn in to a spiritual trap until I realized that this new pull at my heart was something different. You see God changes our focuses during different seasons of our spiritual … [Read More...]

***Free*** Bible Road Trip Notebooking Pages

***Free***Bible Road Trip Notebooking Pages

Each one of my children have different learning styles. Some learn better through songs, some learn better through reading. One thing I have found they all like is notebooking. That makes this freebie from Thinking Kids a great find!!                            >>>>>>>>>>>Click Here To Download<<<<<<<<<<< … [Read More...]

***Free*** Printable Bible Games

***Free*** Printable Bible Games

It is a well know fact that if learning is made fun that the information the child is learning is retained a lot better. I was so tickled when I cam across Christian Preschool Printables just for that very reason. They have a whole lot of games that they encourage you to download and use.                        >>>>>>>>>>>Click Here to Download<<<<<<<<<< … [Read More...]