Stop by and get your Easter Fun Pack that is being offered for free from Becoming A Godly WIfe.

Easter Fun Pack Freebie

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Sadly it is another one of those holidays that gets way to caught up into commercialism and it is easy for children (and parents) to lose focus on what the real reason we celebrate Easter is. That is why I decided to make a printable pack.   In this printable pack your children will still get cute Easter pictures to color but they also receive Bible verses to copy that are pretaining to Easter. That way not only are they having fun but they … [Read More...]

I was informed that I was spoiling my husband. So I thought I would share with you ways that I spoil my man in hopes that it will give you some ideas.

Are You Spoiling Your Man?

Recently I was accused of spoiling my husband. At first I was a bit confused, after all I often feel as though I am the one that gets spoiled. I mean my husband works hard to provide my needs, cooks for me on occasion, brings me home flowers often for no reason at all and he even cleans occasionally when I am looking a bit overwhelmed. I am a spoiled and dare I say even pampered. Yet, when it was turned around that I have been spoiling my husband I just didn't see it. You see we shouldn't … [Read More...]

To often we forget that just like us that God has details and plans on the way things should go.

Serving A God Of Details

This week we as a family are hosting a huge event. Our second oldest son turned 5 on Feb. 14 and we are finally hosting his big birthday bash. Of course being my child he had to be different and want a theme that was no longer mainstream which has caused this momma to panic as I tried to plan and organize his big event. All the details have been overwhelming to say the least. It has also made me very thankful that we only host big events like this on monumental birthdays and has a family decided … [Read More...]

As the world becomes so corrupted by sin I find myself grieving for the lost and the misled. Here are some ideas on how we can reach them in a loving manner

Grieving For The Living

Here lately I have been so consumed by grief. Not because of things, motherhood or past events. I have been in grieving for the living. Those who have decided to turn their backs on their Biblical training and all the principles that they were taught when they were younger. I have been in grieving for those who refuse to acknowledge God's truths that are all around them and I am grieving for those who have decided to be part of the world and not part of the Word. Worldly people are … [Read More...]

Sometimes comforting someone who is hurting can leave us feeling helpless. Here are some ways that I have found to provide comfort to the hurting.

Comforting The Hurting

During some points in our lives we will come across someone who is hurting. Someone who is hurting so bad that they question God and His decisions. Someone who is in so much pain that it leaves us to begin to also question ourselves why it is that they are suffering so. Being in this position is hard. No scratch that it is heartbreaking. Because it is in this season we are left to wonder what it is that we can do to help ease that person's pain. After all as I have said time and time again we … [Read More...]

Ever met someone that had a special glow about them that made you think that they were somehow different? Here is how they did it.

Getting The Perfect Glow

In my life I have met a small amount of people that had just a peaceful glow about them. Before they even opened their mouth I knew that there was something special about them. As I grew older and wiser in Christ I began to realize how they got that glow about them. It was their love of God and their close knit relationship with Him. I was reminded of those wonderful people that God had placed in my life this week as we read Exodus Chapter 34. Moses had such a close relationship with God … [Read More...]

Sometimes we simply need to rest. Yet at some point we have decided that if we require rest that we are weak.

Sometimes We Need Rest

Things in my little town have almost stop to a halt. You see, where I live we rarely get snow which means that when we do things kind of just stop. That is exactly what we had this week. As I watched my children playing in the snow and then return back inside for hot coco and snuggles I was reminded how much we needed this. Sometimes we need to rest.  No one needed this reminder more than I did. You see I have become so busy that moments where I simply sit and enjoy a moment are becoming … [Read More...]

50 Shades of Grey Does Not Belong Here

50 Shades Of Grey Does Not Belong Here

I remember when 50 Shades of Grey came out. Women all over the world were singing its praises. I don't remember ever hearing so many women talking about a certain book so much. I will admit I never really asked my friends what it was that the book was about. Instead as most bloggers do I turned to reviews. What I read was sicking to me. Women were and are actually paying money to read about some woman having harmful premarital sex. Even worse is that Christian women are choosing to read this … [Read More...]

How do we teach our children to love their neighbors if we don't show them?

Operation Love Your Neighbor

Too many times we tell our children that it is important to love our neighbors and yet we don't give them a visual on how this is actually done. As a mom I know I am far to busy trying to care for my family's needs that often times I forget that not only do we need to teach our children this principle but that we need to show them this principle in action. Also a lot of times we think that our children are just to small to go around ministering to others. [Tweet "I truly believe that your child … [Read More...]

Here is a no strings attached marriage prayer cards freebie. Simply click, download and go.

Marriage Prayer Cards Freebie

One of the most important things I could have ever done was to pray for change. Not for change in my husband but for within myself. It was when I began to pray for my own flaws to be shown and for my own weakness' to be pointed out that I noticed something. Not only was I changing but my husband was changing as well. This change started to cause our marriage to strengthen.   Since prayer has played such a huge part in my marriage and in my own personal growth as the wife God wants me … [Read More...]